We are moving!

For personal family reasons, the time has come for the team at That Crazy Place to leave sunny Queensland, pack up our goodies and make the journey down to regional Victoria.



Yes, the land of fluffy slippers, cold tatas, sheep, chickens and maybe a cow . . .! Where you can keep bunny rabbits as pets and the Premier supports Marriage Equality #addedbonus

As a result, we need to pack up the warehouse at Capalaba ready for the move.

So . . . . .as of Monday, 21st November we will have reduced prices on EVERYTHING, both online and instore. 



Last day for public trading at the warehouse will be Monday 6th December.

Will the business continue?

Yes, Crazy Place will continue in our new location, because we don’t stop being crazy, we just do it in a more temperate climate! We expect to be back up and running early January. Maybe late. We hear it’s a lazier pace down there!

Will you be getting in more stock?

Not before we move, so what we have now is what we’ll have until after we’re settled into our new space.

When does the sale start?

Again, Monday 21st November.

How much can I save?

Heaps! Stayed tuned to our Facebook page for details of blanket reductions as well as spot specials.

How to resurrect your Latex Character Mask

Have you ever gotten a character mask that has a bent nose, a creased face, or some other fold or line that shouldn’t be there? Well, with 15 minutes and a hairdryer, you can fix it!

Any mask from That Crazy Place is packed with care when they leave our warehouse, so they hold their shapes and look just like you expect them to. Occasionally, however, some masks arrive at our warehouse flat as pancakes – this is more typical of those made in China that form part of a costume, eg The Joker:

Most character masks are made of latex, which is a material that can be molded to take on various shapes. Latex is great because when the masks are made, it is in liquid form which is poured into a mask mold and when the latex dries, it has perfectly formed into the design of the mask.

The issues arise when that mask is packed for shipment into a box with a bunch of other masks piled on top of it. It then has to travel for an extended period of time, usually via container from Asia to the U.S., then sit in a distributor’s warehouse for who knows how long, before ultimately getting shipped in another container, to the distributor in Australia, then makes it’s way in more cartons all the way to us. During that process, if the mask has not been packed with paper to hold its original shape, or even worse, if it’s been folded down the center so it lies flat, the latex takes on that new bent shape. And it will stay like that unless it is reformed… here comes the fun part with the hairdryer!
This first photo shows a bad example of a mask bent in shipping. The mask has been placed on a Styrofoam head so it will sit upright – the mask is quite oversized so the head doesn’t fill the interior fully. You can see that the front of the face is squished and completely bent to the left.




The first step to fix this problem is to stuff the mask with something so that it will fill out. Newspaper works well for this. You want to get the mask to look like you want as the end result.

Then, for about 15 minutes, heat up the latex with the hairdryer, focusing on each problem area a few minutes at a time. Be careful when doing this – the mask gets quite hot to the touch. Never try to do this while wearing the mask!

On this mask, the problem areas were around the nose and mouth and the crease on the top of the head. As the latex warms, you can feel it get softer and it becomes more willing to bend to the new shape. If the latex becomes too hot to touch, you can use a ruler or similar to keep it in place while you run the hairdryer over it.

After a total of about 15 minutes, leave the mask to cool while it remains stuffed. This can take another 10 minutes or so.

It is while the mask cools after being heated that it takes on it’s new shape.

Once cool, the mask definitely looks much better. The final picture shows the mask with only the Styrofoam head in it, the same conditions as the fist photo, and you can see the dramatic difference. The face is no longer squished and the awful bend to the left is gone! All of these principles would apply to fixing any small crease or dent in a mask.

Mask Care: When you’re not wearing your mask, it’s important to keep it stuffed to hold the shape. Also, try not to store it where it will be exposed to direct sun or extreme temperatures, which can decrease the life of the latex making it brittle. It’s also a good idea to lightly dust the inside of the mask with baby powder after wearing to absorb any moisture.


That Crazy Place with Major Sam Cosplay

Our latest blog post about some interesting people is with Major Sam Cosplay.

Major Sam is an artist and cosplayer at a truly amazing level. When she first walked past us at OzComicon Brisbane last year, my jaw just dropped . . .her costume was magnificent! There may or may not have been drooling involved!



Such an insane amount of work and what a delectable final outcome!

Major Sam not only won the Brisbane OzComicon Cosplayer’s competition, but also the Australian finals and will be off to Chicago to represent Australia in 2016!

Where do you get your ideas from for your Cosplay Characters?

The construction of a costume is where I find the most joy and interest. The wearing of a costume is just an added bonus.

So I choose characters and costumes based on their detail and complexity. I always like a challenge and learning something new, whether it be a new sewing technique or embellishment.

Can you tell us what Character you’re planning to represent Australia at the Comicon in Chicago?

My current costume that I’m working on for C2E2 is from an artwork by Sakizo, who is a Japanese artist. The characters name is Julietta Necromancer who is a doll like girl in a massive dress that is decaying. She has horns, skeleton hands and even has dancing skeleton cats around her. It’s a combination of beauty and death. It’s a highly detailed costume; perfect for a competition.

Julieta Nercomancer Sneak-Peek!

Julieta Nercomancer Sneak-Peek!

Did you know how to sew before you got into Cosplay?

I knew how to sew  before I got into cosplay, but cosplay helped me greatly on improving it. I have been sewing since I was 6 years old and the only hobby I have never burnt out of. Cosplay provides so much motivation and fire to keep me sewing.

 What is one thing a Cosplayer can’t live without?

Conventions! It’s where we get to hang out and meet with other cosplayers. It’s extremely inspiring seeing what everyone has created.

Who’s your favourite superhero?

Batman. I don’t need to explain myself. – (Definitely not! LJ)

We absolutely love Major Sam’s work – the detail, the imagery, the head-to-toe wonder! To keep up to date with Major Sam Cosplay, including helpful hints on how she’s accomplishing her designs, head to her Facebook page.

That Crazy Place with Rebecca Raine

Rebecca Raine is an Australian author who has recently published her first novel Splinter and we were so excited to interview her! Rebecca has been known by the team at That Crazy Place for a long time and we are so proud of her accomplishment!

Splinter by Rebecca Raine

Cover art by Syneca Featherstone at OriginalSyn

About Splinter

Ignite the magick within, or be hunted in the dark.

Rachel Fallon has inherited the estate of her grandmother, Maddie, and believes she’s finally found a place to call home. That is, until a terrifying experience convinces her Maddie’s death was no accident, but murder. Now, her search for answers will uncover a world brimming with magick, where vampires are real and thirsty for blood.

Nick Hunter has left behind his own splinter of reality to follow Maddie’s killer to this place of disbelievers, where people have not learned to fear nightfall. Despite his difficulty accessing the magick here, Nick is determined to find the vampire and put an end to his madness. Rachel’s presence is both a complication and an all too tempting distraction, even with the force of the magick she unknowingly possesses. When she becomes the focus of the vampire’s attention, Nick and Rachel must work together to stop him. But as the flames of desire burn hot between them, the truth about the night Maddie died threatens to destroy them both.


Did you always want to be a writer?

Not at all. In fact I completed two degrees in Psychology and worked in the field for quite a few years before I ever picked up a pen to write fiction. That time wasn’t lost though, as now I’m able to use that knowledge and experience to add emotional depth to my characters and storylines.

What motivated you to start?

I used to enjoy reading fanfiction and one day I had an idea for a story of my own. I first began writing at the bus stop on my way to work every day and it just grew from there. Eventually borrowing other people’s characters was no longer enough and I began developing original stories that were all mine.

Where do you get your ideas from for your books and characters?

If I knew how my subconscious worked I’d be happy to tell you, but the truth is I have no idea. Each story begins with a spark. It could be a character, a backstory, a plot idea, a bit of dialogue, anything that catches my interest and won’t let go. Then I build around it until I have a full story.

Who are your favourite author/s? Why?

I love so many authors from different genres and subgenres, but for today I’ll stick to romance.

I can never get enough of Nalini Singh. Her Psy/Changeling books and her new Rock Kiss novels are beyond awesome. If I’m after something historical I’ll reach for an Anne Gracie every time. For paranormal romance, Anya Bast is always a treat. Finally, for contemporary romance I love our very own Sami Lee.

There is such a great host of Aussie talent that I’m constantly finding new authors to enjoy, such as Kylie Scott, Ainslie Paton and Denise Rossetti. At the moment I’m half way through the first volume of The S.E.R.A. Files by C.T. Green and it has totally blown me away.

I’ll stop now because apparently I can go on and on about my favourite authors. :)

What is the hardest part of being a work-at-home writer?

The hardest part will always be finding enough time to write. There are only so many hours in a day and as an indie author I’m in charge of every aspect of my writing career. This gives me massive freedom, but is also very time consuming. I’m still learning to juggle the demands of writing, publishing, working part-time and being a wife and mother. If I ever figure out the magic formula that makes it all work with ease, I’ll be sure to let you know. :) (Please do Rebecca – we’d love to know the secret too! – LJ)

We understand you have a new book coming out in February – can you given us any sneak-peek info about the book? Is it another book in the Splinter series?

That’s right. I’ll be publishing my second novel, Our Little Secret, early in February. As an erotic ménage a trois, it’s quite different from Splinter. It tells the story of Julia Hearst, a sensible, modern woman who decides to indulge her adventurous side by entering a ‘limited time only’ relationship with two gorgeous men, Derek and Scott. Julia’s positive she can enjoy her adventure and then walk away with her heart intact, but Derek and Scott aren’t about to let her go so easily.

Who’s your favourite superhero?

This one is easy. As of about two months ago my favourite superhero is, without a doubt, Jessica Jones. My husband and I just watched the first season on Netflix and I fell in love with that combination of darkness and vulnerability, all wrapped up in a strong, capable woman. Getting to see David Tennant as a twisted psychotic type was an added bonus.

Splinter is currently available from Amazon at a ridiculously reasonable price – you can check it out at http://www.amazon.com.au/Splinter.

Rebecca Raine can be found and followed on Facebook.

At the time of writing, we’re yet to dig in and devour Splinter (I don’t read books, I demolish them – LJ). We’re saving it up for an upcoming 18.5 hour flight to the US and can’t wait because the suspense is driving us nuts. Romance, Magick, Vampirism – this book has it all and congratulations to Rebecca!

Fat-shaming is never ok!

This month has been fairly chaotic . . .dare I say, crazy?!. It’s Oktoberfest, followed by Halloween, and in a sterling example of my thought processes, I’ve decided to do construction in the warehouse with the aim of increasing space so our customers can feel more comfortable. Us too! And because I do nothing by halves, we’re still open and serving customers, and trying our best to please everyone. . .we do try.

And then this happens:


I’ll be honest. When you get a 1-star review on Google, being who I am, it burns, but you try and pick yourself up, drink some concrete and get over it. But this one was a little different to me. Because this one feels like we’re being fat shamed.

Now I have no idea who ‘J’ is. I don’t know if she was looking at Costumes or Clothing, because ‘J’ didn’t take the time to contact us – she chose to review us on Google. Why? Because we didn’t have her size in something. But she didn’t stop there. She decided to make a comment about our size.

I’m a big girl. Literally I’m 6’3″ and curvy. Voluptuous. Fat. I like myself. In the last 3 years I’ve been every size from a size 28 to a 10 and back up again, then down again. I’m pretty happy with where I am now because I like myself.

You can fat shame me until the Big Macs are flying and I don’t care because I have no shame. Seriously, ask my friends and family – shame has turned to pride and attitude these days! Call me any name you like – I’ve probably already called myself worse! I tend to alternate between wearing a super cape (seriously) attached to my work shirt, and doing Baywatch runs across the warehouse with an inflatable float. I’m out there.

But the minute you try and fat-shame my staff, who also happen to be my sister and niece, you have another thing coming Miss J. I will go all kinds of crazy. They don’t call us ‘That Crazy Place’ for nothing!

For the record, ‘Miss J’, my sister had a massive stroke at the age of 35 and nearly died. She’s been living with the heath side effects ever since, including bloot clots, Pulmonary Embolism, Lymphedema and living with a ‘black hole’ of dead space in her brain. And she comes to work with me every day and every day I am eternally grateful that she’s here, she’s alive and I get the opportunity to make her laugh.

My niece is 19. Yes, ‘Miss J’, you attempted to fat-shame a TEENAGER. Like life isn’t hard enough when you’re a teenage adult, who by the way, was born 10 weeks premature, had to fight for her life. Not to mention cope with nearly losing her mother.

And the fact is, ‘Miss J’, that I don’t give a hoots how small or large any of us are – and neither should you.

Any person who works here, or comes in as a customer, is greeted with the same respect and friendliness, regardless of their size. We try and cater for as many sized people as we can. We ultimately don’t care if you’re a size 4-6 or a size 30+, we will try and help you.

Are we perfect? Hell no. Do we try? EVERY DAY.

I responded (hopefully calmly!) to Miss J on Google with the following:

Miss J has not yet contacted me and I’m not holding my breath, but if at any time, you’d like to visit our store, and speak to me directly, to MY face, about my size, or the size of our staff, come on in – I’ll happily explain to you, Miss J, that FAT-SHAMING IS NEVER OK.


*I have chosen to black out Miss J’s name. I’m not required to given she posted it on Google very publicly, however I don’t really want to shame her. . .

Thoughts on Marriage Equality . . .

Mr Bill Shorten has ‘come out’ this week to state that he will be presenting a bill to legalise same sex marriage in Australia. Finally a political leader is listening to what the majority of Aussie’s support. Sadly however, I can’t help but feel that this is little more than a political stunt. Perhaps I’m becoming tarnished and jaded.

It’s very easy to present such a bill when you’re in Opposition. It’s not likely to cost you Leadership of your party, and let’s face it, without the support of the current government and it’s publicly anti-gay marriage leader, permitting all MPs the right to a conscience vote, it’s not likely to get the the House of Reps., let alone the Senate.

My concern is that once it’s defeated (and I sincerely hope it’s not!), the issue will be considered dead, buried and ignored for another 10+ years. Remember the referendum for Daylight Savings in Qld? No? That’s ok, because hardly anyone else does either and 23 years later we still don’t have it.

I would hate to see the issue of Marriage Equality being pushed back by another 10 or 20 years, because of a lack of numbers in elected officials.

That Crazy Place will be joining the ranks of businesses such as Westpac, Virgin, Telstra and hundreds of others who are opening in support of Marriage Equality. You can check out supporting entities at http://www.australianmarriageequality.org/

If you are against Marriage Equality, we would invite you to ask yourself why? What it is about providing equal rights to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people, to live and work, free of prejudice and discrimination, with all the essential freedoms enjoyed by other members of our organisations and the broader community?


Giving people who identify as Gay or Lesbian the right to marry is not:

  • Going to make them want to marry you
  • Going to create mass hysteria
  • Going to lead to the mass conversion of straight people
  • Going to make planes fall out of the sky or computers stop working – see, it’s not even as bad as Y2K!
  • Going to lead to an increase in paedophilia, beastiality, incest or any of the other ridiculous arguments that are usually posted on homophobic sites.
  • Going to lead to the devaluing of traditional marriage – I’m pretty sure there are plenty of examples that already do that.


Giving people who identify as Gay or Lesbian the right to marry IS:

  • Going to provide them with the same human rights as everyone
  • Going to lead to marriages that work, and marriages that don’t. Gay people are human too.
  • Going to show the world that we are not stuck in the 1950’s. Love the style, not the ideals!

Equality is a right that every human should have – it’s time we provided that in Australia.


Online Shipping Rules!

At That Crazy Place we’re very proud of our shipping process. We’ve worked hard to develop a system, have an awesome dispatch team and have fostered some great relationships with various carriers to ship your orders to anywhere in Australia, and across the world. Even Kazakhstan. Seriously! They love us there!! We work extremely hard to ship all items, everyday.

Orders placed with That Crazy Place and paid for prior to 1pm are shipped the same working day.

Items purchased after 1pm or during the weekend or a Public Holiday are processed the next working day.

If there is going to be any delay with the shipping of your items, we will contact you so please provide correct contact details.

Based on our experience, we have put together our best rules to help you receive your order asap! We believe that once you have paid for an item, it is yours and needs to be with you as soon as possible.


Our Top Shipping Tips:


1. Use Express Post


2. 99% of our items require a signature on delivery so please have your item shipped to an address where you or someone can sign for your item, to prevent the item being returned to the Post Office or our courier depots.


3. Please ensure the address you have your item shipped to is correct. Sounds simple but we have difficulty in shipping items to addresses that don’t include street names, street numbers or suburbs.


4. Use Express Post


5. If you are shipping to a work or business address, please include the name of the business in your address.

This helps our couriers or the postie find you, and reduces the chance that they give up and return the item to us.


6. Use Express Post. 

One of our greatest disappintments is when items are not received on time and our customer has not used express post. If you need your item by a certain date, please, please use Express Post. 


We ship using a variety of couriers and Australia Post and are relying on their service – once it leaves our doors we have no control over the speed of delivery.

Until the Star Trek Beaming Technology is available, Express Post is the next fastest option!


7. If we have shipped your item and it is returned to us (eg incorrect address, unclaimed from post office) we will contact you. We will reship your item, but we will request that you pay for the additional shipping.


8. International Customers – please note any duty or charges imposed by your government are your responsibility. As we have no control over the laws in your country, we are unable to pay these for you.


We reserve the right to change your postage option depending on your area and our courier’s service. Eg Instead of shipping with Australia Post we may use Couriers Please as they may offer a faster service to your area. We will not change your postage to a slower service.


If you have any questions regarding our shipping policies, please contact us.




Costumes – Why Hire when you can Buy?

At That Crazy Place, we get asked a lot if we hire costumes. Mainly because Yellow Pages don’t have a Costumes – Purchase section and have lumped us in the Costume Hire section. Close enough!  The easy answer is No. But WHY is the real question!

So here it is, why hire a costume when you can buy it?!


1. Eww.


I mean seriously eww! When you hire a costume, you’re putting something on your body that heaven-knows how many people have already worn, sweated in, soiled and done I-don’t-want-to-know-what in.

The older I get the more my OCD kicks in and I DO NOT want to wear something that someone else has had next to their nasties. Or close-by anyway. No way. Eww.

We used to hire costumes at our previous shop. When we re-booted I refused to even consider it because I’ve seen the condition of them when they are returned. Dirt, Grass stains, sweat, cigarette smoke, ‘other’ smoke, alcohol and food spills, vomit, and yes even blood and other ‘stuff’ we won’t mention. Again, EWW


2. I refuse to wash / clean garments other people have worn. 


See aforementioned Eww. If I wanted to wash clothes that other people had worn, I’d wash my kid’s clothes, and I have an awesome life partner who does that for me. I would rather NOT spend hours of my life to clean off the  Dirt, Grass stains, sweat, cigarette smoke, ‘other’ smoke, alcohol and food spills, vomit, and yes even blood and other ‘stuff’ we won’t mention, from stranger’s garments.


3. The ‘I-Hired-This-Costume-Stance’


If you’ve been to a few events, you’ll have seen this one.

There’s a high level of body tension. Hands are normally kept in front with NO food eaten, NO drinks consumed and everything that could possibly result in a spill avoided like Ebola. Why? Most Costume Hire shops in Brisbane charge a ‘Cleaning Fee’ should the costume require cleaning (and if it’s been worn, it should!). It’s usually a pretty big fee and is enough to turn you off having fun and relaxing and focus you on preventing the equivalent of a Third-World-Country’s national debit being charged on your credit card.

When you BUY your costume it’s yours. Stain it, dance in it, accidentally burn it with a cigarette and you know what? You’ll still be financially better off and have a lot more fun!


4. You don’t have to come back. 


We love our customers, but the wonderful thing about buying a costume is that you don’t have to make another trip to return it! We’ve had people drop into our shop who have come interstate, are going overseas or have driven hours to come and see us – all of which would make returning your costume a bit of a pain in the rear end.

After you’ve bought your costume it’s yours. Resell it, keep it for next time, lend it to family or friends, trash it, cut it up – it won’t cost you any extra, you won’t lose a deposit or bond and, you’ll save yourself a return trip!



It is most often cheaper to BUY your costume, rather than HIRE one.

That Crazy Place provide our Adult’s costumes starting from around $22 (eg Mario and Luigi) and Children’s costumes start from $10 (such as Batman). Yes, we also have costumes that are worth $1000’s (totally worth it by the way!!) but on average, for an adult, you can expect to pay $40-80, depending on the character or style you’re after.

Our Classic Black Flapper Costume is an excellent example. Some costume hire shops in Brisbane will charge you $90 to hire the dress, then a deposit, then a ‘Cleaning Fee’ if you spill on it. That’s just for the dress and no accessories.

Our flapper – the SAME dress – is $49.

Why would you hire??