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Feather Boa - Red

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Beautiful Turkey Feather Boas that are great to team with your costume!

Why does my boa shed?

Every boa will shed. The reason they shed is because any feather item (boa, masks etc) that is imported into Australia must be quarantine treated to protect our country's biosecurity by either:

a) gamma irradiation at 50 kGray (5 Mrad) (T9652), or
b) Ethylene oxide treatment (T9020); or
c) formaldehyde treatment (10% formalin) for 4 hours (T9263), or
d) re-exported; or destroyed by incineration or deep burial.

You can read more about this at  Daff

The treatments used (most often gamma) causes any biological material to be killed (a particular bonus if you want to avoid bird flu!), but also can disintegrate some of the feathers, causing them to drop. There is nothing that can stop them dropping which is why we say they will shed. They will all shed. 

This is a costume quality boa, and is priced accordingly. if you wish to have a top quality boa you will need to spend approximately $50-60, but the fun part it - it will still shed. 

We find that if you take it outside, open it, shake it a bit or hang it up for a while, there will be an initial shed, and then they're pretty set and there should be minimal shed afterwards.

  • Model: BNBX08
  • Manufactured by: Smiffy's

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